Imagining Monuments

On female representation in the city of today

24.01 — 07.03.19

Curated by Kunsthal Extra City and Middelheim Museum

For the second time, Kunsthal Extra City, in partnership with the Middelheim Museum, is creating a platform for discussion in which we cast a critical eye on the contemporary significance of monuments.

This second edition raises questions surrounding the (under)representation of women in monuments in today’s cities. By which (historical) context might we be able to understand the absence of monuments to women? In 2019 does it still make sense to think in terms of stereotypes such as ‘man’ versus ‘woman’? And how can we give due attention to the intersection of gender and superdiversity in our society?

Through a series of public discussions and artistic suggestions, we will – as city residents, activists, academics, opinion-makers and artists – put our heads together to think about how we approach the various aspects of female representation in monuments in the public space.


Thu 24 Jan (19:30-21:00)
On the (historical) context by which the underrepresentation of women in the public space might be understood and the initiatives that seek to effect change in this area; with Julie Carlier, Saddie Choua, Katinka De Jonge and Els De Vos among others

Thu 7 Feb (19:30-21:00)
On the further broadening of the understanding of gender – beyond the traditional male-female dichotomy – towards achieving equal representation in the city of today; with Henk de Smaele, Marcia Poelman, Milan Rutten and Stef Van Looveren

Thu 21 Feb (19:30-21:00)
On how to approach complex identities in a super-diverse society, from an intersectional point of view; with Joachim Ben Yakoub, Sayira Maruf (ella vzw), Mashid Mohadjerin and Simone Zeefuik

Thu 7 Mar (19:30-21:00)
On the eve of International Women’s Day, moderators Ciska Hoet and Bieke Purnelle (RoSa vzw), artists ooooo and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, poet Maud Vanhauwaert, Belgian Champion Poetry Slam Lisette Ma Neza and director of the Middelheim Museum Sara Weyns will offer their closing remarks and personal interpretations of the past discussions.

‘Conversations’ on Sunday
On Sunday 27 January and on 10 24 February and 3 March, all starting at 11:30.
Artist-curator Anne Bielig takes her own research and artistic proposals for a monument to ‘the woman’ as the starting point for a series of intimate, informal conversations with visitors on the topic of female representation in the public space.


A collaboration between Kunsthal Extra City and Middelheim Museum
Moderation by RoSa vzw

No prior knowledge of the topic required – all welcome!
The discussions will be in Dutch.
Tickets are 5 euro per evening or 15 euro for the whole series
Conversations on Sunday are free of charge (registration required)



- 'Tijd voor meer vrouw op straat', in De Standaard (Dutch only)
- 'Antwerp debates images of women in public space', in Flanders Today

Report first evening (Thu 24 Jan):
- Graphic report by Pieterjan Volckaert
- “Waarom zijn er zo weinig monumenten van vrouwelijke historische figuren te vinden in onze stad?", report by Janine Meijer (Dutch only)

Report second evening (Thu 7 Feb):
- Graphic report by Pieterjan Volckaert
- “Alleen een regenboogzebrapad is niet voldoende om het feministisch en queer standpunt te representeren", report by Janine Meijer (Dutch only)

Report third evening (Thu 21 Feb):
- Graphic report by Pieterjan Volckaert
- "Er zijn meer straten naar bloemen vernoemd dan naar vrouwen. Maar de gekleurde vrouw krijgt nog minder ‘exposure’", report by Janine Meijer (Dutch only)

Location Kunsthal Extra City - Antwerpen-Berchem, Eikelstraat 25-31, 2600 Antwerpen