Imagining Monuments with Joachim Ben Yakoub, Sayira Maruf (ella vzw), Janine Meijer (moderator), Mashid Mohadjerin and Simone Zeefuik

On female representation in the city of today

21.02.2019, 19:30 — 21:00 Discussion

Curated by Kunsthal Extra City and the Middelheim Museum

Through a series of public discussions and artistic suggestions, we will – as city residents, activists, academics, opinion-makers and artists – put our heads together to think about how we approach the various aspects of female representation in monuments in the public space.

This third evening focuses on how to approach complex identities in a super-diverse society, from an intersectional point of view; with Joachim Ben Yakoub, Sayira Maruf (ella vzw), Mashid Mohadjerin and Simone Zeefuik, moderated by Janine Meijer.

Joachim Ben Yakoub is affiliated with the research groups 'Middle East and North Africa Research Group', 'Studies in Performing Arts & Media', both at Ghent University, and 'Interpraxis' at Sint Lucas Antwerp. His research is situated on the intersection of aesthetic theory and postcolonial critiques, from where he investigates movements of revolt in Tunisia and Belgium.

ella vzw – Knowledge Centre for Gender and Ethnicity – seeks to actively promote intersectional thinking in all sectors, in the women’s movement, among immigrants, in education and the social and welfare sectors, to name several examples.

Mashid Mohadjerin is a photographer and visual artist. Where migration and displacement used to be central themes in her work, she now focuses on women, activism and resistance. Her book 'Lipstick & Gas Masks' was published in 2017. She currently works on a PhD in the Arts at KASK Antwerp.

Simone Zeefuik is a writer and organiser. Her work focuses on representation, inclusivity, ‘Africentred perspectives’, (de)colonial institutions and the illegalised members of the black communities in the Netherlands.

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Language Dutch

Price € 5

Location Kunsthal Extra City - Antwerpen-Berchem, Eikelstraat 25-31, 2600 Antwerpen

Imagining Monuments 24.01.2019—07.03.2019