Guided tour ‘Allegory of the Cave Painting’ – by Prof. Van Tendeloo and curator Mihnea Mircan

04.12.2014, 19:00 — 23:00 Guided tour

Professor Van Tendeloo, director of the Electron Microscopy for Materials Science research group at the University of Antwerp, and curator Mihnea Mircan will guide you through the exhibition ‘Allegory of the Cave Painting’ and will have a conversation at the interface between art and science.

Professor Van Tendeloo's research focusses on the application of advanced electron microscopy (in 2D and in 3D) to materials science problems. Particular interest goes to nanomaterials or nanostructured materials, porous materials and carbon based materials.

Start tour: 20:00

Duration: 1,5 hour

Admission: free

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Allegory of the Cave Painting

This group exhibition takes the prehistoric Gwion Gwion paintings from Western Australia as mental model. Recent research has established that these paintings are alive, colonized by red bacteria and black fungi, ‘living pigments’ that maintain the chromatic vividness of the figures: the Gwion Gwion paintings are as much a product of prehistory as they are made now. The exhibition, at Extra City and at Middelheim Museum, assembles modern and contemporary artworks in response to these paintings’ materiality, meaning and time.

Language English

Location Kunsthal Extra City - Antwerpen-Berchem, Eikelstraat 25-31, 2600 Antwerpen

Allegory of the Cave Painting 20.09.2014—07.12.2014