Cultural Weekend Antwerp

27.08.2021 — 29.08.2021 

On 27, 28 and 29 August, Cultural Weekend kicks off the new season with a bang. More than 100 cultural houses open their doors. Various walking routes will take you to some of Antwerp's cultural gems.

The programme of Kunsthal Extra City also has a lot to offer during the Cultural Weekend.

Programme 28 August
Get your picture taken or make a collage for The Collective Collection
Explore the 'Gesamthof' in the garden with artist Eline De Clercq
→ Enjoy the musical performance/installation 'Shapereader' by Ilan Manouach
→ Attend the artist talk by Imge Özbilge

Programme 29 August
Visit the 'The Restore-Rant' by Anne Kluytenaar and Michelle Wood
→ Participate in the children's workshop 'Kamishibai, slow animation'

Would you like to participate in one of these activities? More information, prices and reservations are available on the detail pages via the links above.

You are also welcome to visit our current exhibitions from 27 to 29 August. Book your timeslot here.

Price € 6

Radically Naive / Naively Radical 07.05.2021—07.11.2021

Periphery 07.05.2021—31.12.2023

De Collectieve Collectie 15.08.2021—12.09.2021