A night with elephy (NEW DATE)

01.08.2021, 22:30 — 00:00 Film

Organised by Kunsthal Extra City in collaboration with guest programmer Frederik Poisquet

elephy is the Brussels production and distribution platform of filmmakers Rebecca Jane Arthur, Chloë Delanghe, Eva Giolo and Christina Stuhlberge. During this evening, each of them will show one of their films. The program features a short introduction and q&a.

The Taste of Tangerines
Eva Giolo, 2019,16 mm transferred to digital, colour, Japanese spoken, English subtitles, 10’34”

‘The Taste of Tangerines’ (2019) paints the portrait of Ocho (Yutakamachiocho) a small island in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. After ten years apart, a grandmother shares her memories of the island with her grandson.

Christina Stuhlberger, 2017, HD video, colour, English and Cebuano spoken, English subtitles, 2017, 27'

'Malapascua' is the name of the island in the Philippines where filmmaker Christina Stuhlberger's mother is from. Although the filmmaker is half Filipino, her mother's language and culture are foreign to her. In the film, she searches for her place among the women living on the island.

Magic, a portrait of Joris
Chloë Delanghe, 2018, Digitised VHS and 8mm, colour, 15'

In ‘Magic, a portrait of Joris’ (2018) Chloë Delanghe brings together video material from different periods in time. She juxtaposes worn out VHS material, filmed by her father, with her own footage on 8mm film. Both have the same subject, the boy as a son, for the other it is her brother.

Island Flyer: A Postcard from the Isle of Wight
Rebecca Jane Arthur, 2021, Super 8 transfer to HD, colour, English spoken, 12’

In 'Island Flyer: A Postcard from the Isle of Wight', Rebecca Jane Arthur takes us on a journey to an island in the English Channel in pursuit of summertimes gone by.


Practical info
→ Free admission, no reservations needed.
→ Entrance via Ploegstraat 25.

This outdoor film screening is part of our summer programme 'Zomer in de kloostertuin' ('Summer in the monastery courtyard').

Location Kunsthal Extra City - monastery courtyard, via: Ploegstraat 25