Edition Egon Van Herreweghe

Aroma Laboratoire

€ 110.00

Egon Van Herreweghe (°1985) often bases the development of new work on the history and architecture of the exhibition space. This also applies to his contribution to the first exhibition at the new location of Kunsthal Extra City.

For 'Radically Naive / Naively Radical' he designed an enlargement of an aroma burner that adds a scent to the exhibition. For this he developed an essential oil that mixes typical ecclesiastical scents with the well-known aromas of scented candles. The recipe also includes the fresh touch of bergamot and cypress that we know from cleaning products. The result embodies the shift from the collective to the private ritual. Or how we try to relax at home while we revive the church as an exhibition space.

The package contains a bottle with 20ml of pure essential oil for an aroma burner. In terms of consumption, 1ml = 20 drops and five drops are good for at least one hour.

110 € (excluding shipping costs)
25 copies

Photo © Thomas Min