Ars Viva 05/06 - Identity

Jason Dodge / Takehito Koganezawa / Michaela Meise / Robin Rhode

19.04 — 11.06.06

Group exhibition

Participating artists Jason Dodge, Takehito Koganezawa, Michaela Meise, Robin Rhode

Ars Viva is an exhibition with the work of the BDI award winners. This year the Cultural Committee of German Business within the BDI has given the awards to Jason Dodge, Takehito Koganezawa, Michaela Meise and Robin Rhode. The award also includes the Ars Viva 05/06 exhibitions and an accompanying publication. The theme of this year’s Incentive Awards was Identity. 35 artists were under consideration. Various aspects of identity play an important role in their work- for example the question of one’s own cultural conditioning and roots in a globalized world. The Ars Viva 05/06 exhibition opened in the Kunsthalle Rostock on 6 October 2005. It continues on 19 April 2006 in Extra City and in summer in the Kunst-Werke Berlin e.V. Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin.

Location Extra City - Hangar Kattendijkdok, Mexicostraat, Kattendijkdok Kaai 20A, 2030 Antwerp