Youniss - How will it end?

29.07.2022, 20:00 — 20:30 Performance

The performance asks the question "How will it end?", which is a question posed by Youniss in a musical, spoken visual performance. It philosophises the question of how, as a performer of colour, you perform within spaces occupied by White People and how that leads to the performer feeling a sort of intrusive awkwardness. The feeling of being on display, of being an exotic object. How will this feeling evolve? How does the spectator live through this situation? How will this end?

Youniss defies genre definition and categorises his music as “an exploration of identity and self expression.” The twenty-something year old producer, visual artist & conceptual musician pours the essence of the ‘self’ in the form of multi-disciplinary faceted projects. Completely self-designed in his own right, Youniss embodies the concept of a modern Renaissance man.

Photo: © Adel Setta

Language English

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