Summer Sessions - Naga Ghost

29.07.2022, 21:00 — 22:00 Music

Organised by Morpho

Naga Ghost is a project by Christophe Claeys (Monolithe Noir, Amatorski,...) and Annelies Van Dinter (Echo Beatty, Bed Rugs,...). Their bare-bones indietronica springs from light-footed improvisations in which both multi-instrumentalists explore and push the boundaries of each other's musical interests.

On their debut album the kinder one lives inside, Naga Ghost floats elegantly between Annelies' imposing vocals, haunting electronics, thrilling clarinet contributions and refined percussion by Christophe. The 9 tracks on this album are layered and eclectic, but nonetheless they draw you in with great ease and with an engaging openness.

Joris Caluwaerts (STUFF.) also played keys on several tracks and these notable contributions make him the perfect fit to complete Naga Ghost during their live performances.

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Photos: © Vibe Stalpaert, © Behangmotief

Zomer in de Kloostertuin 24.06.2022—25.09.2022