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19.10.2023, 10:00 — 16:00 Workshop

In Double Voiced elephy listens to the human voice. A manifestation of the speaker’s distinctiveness, the voice resonates in reciprocal communication with other voices and amplifies through collectivity. This workshop brings together artists, thinkers, and practitioners working with the voice in different forms.

English spoken, € 15 (incl. lunch).
The number of seats is limited, so please be sure to book your seat via this link.


  • 10:00 elephy - Welcome and round of introduction

  • 10:15 Sonia Pastecchia - Breathing and Speaking with Intention I

    In a spirit of playfulness, filmmaker and voice coach Sonia Pastecchia will help us understand that voice is breath. Through simple exercises borrowed from singing and stage expression techniques, we'll see that intention adds meaning to words. The first session will focus on the breath and the sound it engenders. The second session towards the end of the day will focus on working with intentions: what is the emotional reality hidden in the words spoken?
  • 10:45 Joint reading from various texts selected by elephy

    Adriana Cavarero: For More Than One Voice – Towards a Philosophy of Vocal Expression
    Clara Schulman: Chicanes
  • 11:15 Break

  • 11:30 Maggessi/Morusiewicz- Wormholes

    Maggessi/Morusiewicz, a Vienna-based duo of researching artists, present their practice that currently revolves around two simultaneously-running keywords: “wormholes” and “archives.” The artists will invite the audience to step into a polyvocal portal of affect, cruising through clusters of film-based references to sci-fi, pre-AIDS gay-art porn, and women’s cinema archives.
  • 12:00 Mona Hedayati - Human vs. Machine Logic: Constructing Affectivity beyond Voice

    Iranian-Canadian artist Mona Hedayati draws on her interdisciplinary practice to lay down her artistic strategy of deconstructing the voice through audio recordings integrated into performative pieces. Hedayati will delve into the codes of affective-embodied sensor-to-sound performances that aim to tap into the senses rather than the logical operation of image and language to communicate the ineffability of her lived experience of migration and exile.
  • 12:30 Joint lunch for all participants by quitapena

  • 14:00 Laszlo Umbreit - How to record voice?

    Sound designer and musician Laszlo Umbreit speaks about conditions, considerations, and techniques when recording voice for film and performances. How do recording devices, microphones and storage media, post-production and playback situations impact the shape and audience experience of voice and how do we take the technical impact into consideration in the artistic process?
  • 14:45 Sonia Pastecchia - Breathing and Speaking with Intention II

  • 15:00 elephy - Artist talk and joint visit of Double Voiced


With a.o. Sonia Pastecchia (voice coach), Laszlo Umbreit (sound engineer), Maggessi/Morusiewicz (artists) & elephy.

This workshop is facilitated by elephy with the support of Kunsthal Extra City, LUCA School of Arts, Sint Lucas Antwerp, and SOFAM as part of CON10UR.

Language English

Price € 15

Location MORPHO - Refectory, Ploegstraat 25, 2018 Antwerpen

Double Voiced 08.09.2023—07.01.2024