Guided tour by curator Övül Ö. Durmusoglu

in the exhibition 'STRT Kit #3 - Brief Flashes Against A World'

22.10.2017, 15:30 — 16:30 Guided tour

Organised by Organized by Studio Start with the financial support of the city of Antwerp, in collaboration with AIR Antwerpen, H ART magazine and Kunsthal Extra City.

Curator Övül Ö. Durmusoglu presents the work of Polien Boons, Kitty Kamp, Karen Moser, Amber Vanluffelen and Mathieu Verhaeghe, and shows how they understand their practice and where their work will head to after a year of STRT Kit residency.

Language English

Location Kunsthal Extra City - Antwerpen-Berchem, Eikelstraat 25-31, 2600 Antwerpen

STRT Kit #3 - Brief Flashes Against A World 21.10.2017—12.11.2017