Guided tour and film program Animism

In Extra City and M HKA

24.04.2010, 12:00 — 16:00 Film

Saturday 24 April



Guided tour Animism by curator Anselm Franke

Location: M HKA


Guided tour Animism by curator Anselm Franke

Location: Extra City

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Film program

Location: Extra City

Corey McCorkle

'Preah' (2005), 10 min

Corey McCorkle travelled to a village in northern Cambodia in search of a mystical white calf named Preah (“God” in Khmer), who has apparently been curing a variety of ailments with his lick.

Jean Painlevé

'The Sea Horse' (1934), 13:45 min; 'Acera or The Witches’ Dance' (1972), 12:30 min

Painlevé’s astonishing documentaries portray animals with genuine “magic realism”. A central theme for Painlevé was the mutability of life—the transformational occurrences that happen around us: the acera suddenly becoming a swirling wonder or the dramatic birthing by pregnant male seahorses.

Gerd Roscher

'Ritual der Schwarzen Sonne' (2000), 75 min

Sixty years ago Antonin Artaud travelled to Mexico where he studied and lived with the Tarahumara Indians. The film reconstructs authentically Artaud’s route: from the ritual dances to the peyote ceremonies of the shaman.

David Lamelas

'The Desert People' (1974), 50 min

Alternating between road movie and documentary, The Desert People connects eminent tropes of American film production with the country’s colonial heritage. Its protagonists speak from different perspectives about a reservation that is home to the Papago people.

Language English

Location Extra City - Antwerpen-Noord, Tulpstraat 79, 2060 Antwerpen

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