25.03.2022, 18:00 — 22:00 Nocturne

Friday March 25, Kunsthal Extra City once again took part in Borger.


The uniforms of Apparatus 22 are displayed in the cafe. During the opening of Made in X and To the Bone on Friday evening, February 6, Apparatus 22 provided a live performance, in which they interacted with the audience. On Thursday 28 April, Kunstenpunt, in collaboration with Apparatus 22, is organizing an interactive workshop on fair remuneration and fair practices in Antwerp in Kunsthal Extra City. By giving the uniforms of Apparatus 22 a place in the café, Kunsthal Extra City visualizes the collaboration with Apparatus 22 and Kunstenpunt about fair practice for artists.


At 18:30 Claude Cattelain, whose space-filling installation can be seen in the chapel exhibition To the Bone, gave a performance in the monastery garden, entitled '186 cm Underground'. During this fifteen-minute performance, Claude hammered a wooden life sized stake right down into the ground.

Photos © Sebastiaan Franco

Periphery 07.05.2021—31.12.2023

Made in X 04.02.2022—29.05.2022

To the Bone 04.02.2022—08.05.2022