Antwerp Artweekend closing party

on the beast of Club Mayz and Marijn Ottenhof

21.05.2023, 18:00 — 00:00 Music

Organised by Kunsthal Extra City x MORPHO

On Sunday 21 May, the last day of the Antwerp Art Weekend, Kunsthal Extra City and MORPHO welcome you to the cloister garden for the official closing party.

The Antwerp Art Weekend is a four-day festival celebrating Antwerp's rich art scene. From 18 to 21 May, the doors of art galleries, museums and cultural institutions are wide open to immerse visitors in a world of creativity and artistic expression.

Join us, on Sunday 21 May, for a vibrant weekend of artistic discovery. From 6pm to midnight, you are welcome for drinks and dances to the beats of Club Mayz and Marijn Ottenhof.

Entrance to the party is free.

Location Kunsthal Extra City - monastery courtyard, via: Provinciestraat 112

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