'Court Ki'

Amber Vanluffelen

23.06.2020, 14:00 — 00:00 Performance

As part of the public program accompanying the group exhibition 'Daily Nightshift', Kunsthal Extra City gave artist Amber Vanluffelen carte blanche for the development of a new performance.

Amber Vanluffelen (b. 1991, BE) is a young artist from Antwerp. Public space is her source of inspiration and the context for creating performances or interventions. Vanluffelen appropriates phenomena of public space and processes them in various art forms. Some of her public performances are only witnessed by casual passengers and only later shown as video works.

The starting point for 'Court Ki' is one of Van Luffelens passions, basketball. She creates a digital and mystical in-between space, where the public space and her imagination meet. We see her on a basketball court at nightfall and sunrise, where she holds basketball matches with only one opponent at a time. The game becomes a conversation between voices from, about and in the 'urban night'.

Language English

Location Online, World Wide Web

Daily Nightshift 21.03.2020—28.06.2020