Conversation about 'What Surrounds the Words' (2021)

08.10.2021, 19:00 — 21:00 

Organised by Sint Lucas Antwerpen Research Group (SLARG) and Kunsthal Extra City

For the documentary video work What Surrounds the Words (2021) made for the Radically Naive / Naively Radical exhibition at Kunsthal Extra City, Vesna Faassen and Lukas Verdijk invited five Antwerp-based, grassroots activists of various backgrounds — Yassine Boubout, Sarah Bekambo, Mirjam Henkens, Sarah El Massaoudi and Ida Dequeecker — to enter discussion. Inspired by the book Revolutionary Keywords for a New Left (Ian Parker, 2017) the activists formulated their own keywords to subsequently dissect them based on their own activist experiences and convictions. The video installation is placed in the former priest choir of the Dominican church and will be activated as a discursive space. Focusing on the keyword ‘collective’ a new discussion group is formed for which Sarah Bekambo, Mirjam Henkens and Sarah El Massaoudi are inviting two other activists.

You can find more information and the full program of the Naively Radical Research Week here

Location , Ploegstraat 25, 2018 Antwerpen

Radically Naive / Naively Radical 07.05.2021—07.11.2021