Kunsthal Extra City’s new artistic coordinator

Joachim Naudts

Kunsthal Extra City is delighted to welcome Joachim Naudts as its new artistic coordinator. From October 2020 he will, together with the team, transform the church on Provinciestraat into an inspiring exhibition space for contemporary art, a place to reflect on the city and our changing society.

Joachim Naudts (BE, 1982) has been professionally active in the field of contemporary art and photography since 2008. He has curated over thirty exhibitions, most of which for the FOMU (Fotomuseum, Antwerp). He is also actively involved in various cultural organisations.

With a new location, a new artistic coordinator and its partnership with AAIR, Kunsthal Extra City faces a promising future.

(portrait Joachim Naudts © Alexey Shlyk)

This was Daily Nightshift!

Take a final video tour of our latest exhibition and a selection of works that critically engage with the multifaceted aspects of nightlife. Big thanks to everyone involved.

This was Daily Nightshift, good night!

'Court Ki'

by Amber Vanluffelen

As part of the public program accompanying the group exhibition 'Daily Nightshift', Kunsthal Extra City gave artist Amber Vanluffelen carte blanche for the development of a new performance.


by De Cleene De Cleene

As part of the public program for 'Daily Nightshift' Kunsthal Extra City became a public observatory on the evening of 27 June 2020. On the exhibition space’s rooftop, amateur-astronomers set up a telescope. The instrument came equipped with a camera and streamed its footage in real-time. In combination with short filmic observations, a soundtrack, and a voice, a story unfolded.


Cohousing and collaboration Extra City - AAIR

Kunsthal Extra City will be relocating to AAIR’s main site this summer. Its offices will be located in a former Dominican monastery, located in Ploegstraat. The imposing church and the more intimate adjoining chapel, accessible via Provinciestraat, will be transformed into a challenging yet promising exhibition space.

The cohousing is the result of an ongoing relationship and collaboration between Kunsthal Extra City and AAIR which aims to transform the new site into a bastion for visual arts in Antwerp by bringing together exhibitions, residencies and other presentations.