Extra Academy #46: Filip Van Dingenen

“NFUMU NGUI; Totem in the Anthropocene” is a series of lecture-performances by Filip Van Dingenen in which he investigates and questions forms of display in zoological collections and archives of natural history. In the performance Van Dingenen uses a variety of props to narrate the different ways in which display affects the presentation, representation, or experience of nature.

The observation of zoological collections, archives of fauna & flora and botanical heritage considered as a repository will offer the starting point for questioning, investigating and exploring appropriate forms and contemporary interpretations of the gathering and assembling that are related to these ‘public repositories’ and their display.
What could be appropriate, contemporary forms of the gathering and assembling that constitute zoo’s and archives as spaces and places where our relation with ‘nature’ is at stake? Such spaces can be conceived as laboratories where experiments find place (i.e. putting our relation to nature to the test) and investigate into appropriate laboratory forms of zoological collections and archives.
The focus will be on the Barcelona Zoological garden and specifically on the case of Copito de Nieve (Spanish for Snowflake). By focussing on the case study of Copito de Nieve, the albino gorilla, the aim is to re-interpret this case as a broader part of the zoological collection and its heritage into a contemporary context.

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