Lecture Sunville / by Ives Maes

Followed by a talk between Ives Maes and curator Mihnea Mircan

In the context of the exhibition ‘The Camera’s Blind Spot II’, Ives Maes will give a lecture about the relationship between sculpture and photography today.

Ives Maes is a visual artist and a photographer. Since 2012 he has been working on a PhD research in the Arts at the KASK School of Arts / Ghent University about the physical, sculptural and architectural aspects of photography. This lecture proposes some recent works of Ives Maes next to numerous examples from the history of photography and art, as the Camera Obscura pavilion, the 19th century photo sculptures of Etienne Jules-Marey, photographic installations at the Expo ’58 and more recent examples as Mike Kelley’s ‘Black Out’ project and Simon Starlings ‘Nanjing Particles’.

Admission: free