Jean Eustache, Mes petites amoureuses, 1974

Extra Academy #44 Olivier Foulon

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What concerns me is the divide between what we do and what we say (or don’t say) about what we do. What concerns me is the relationship between what is performed or enacted in art, as well as in art discourse, and how those enactments are symbolized, represented, interpreted and understood, or not, by critics and historians as well as artists, but in art discourse above all. What concerns me is what that relationship itself performs.
Andrea Fraser, Speaking of the Social World…

Lecture by Olivier Foulon.
Olivier Foulon is a Belgian artist (1976, Brussels). He studied at the Jan van Eyck Academie and the ERG in Brussels. Since 2005, he is co-editor of the magazine ‘Copie de Voyage’ and part of the team of Etablissement d’en face in Brussels. In 2015 he won the Bernd Lohaus Prize. Recent exhibitions include ‘Vanité’, Kunstraum, London,’In kurzer Zeit’, Clages, Cologne and ‘Tokonoma with Olivier Foulon, Joerg Franzbecker, Kris Kimpe, Suchan Kinoshita, Aglaia Konrad, Willem Oorebeek, Eran Schaerf, Walter Swennen’, Museum M, Leuven.

Extra Academy
Extra Academy is the spontaneous alliance of Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen and the two art schools of the city, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Sint-Lucas Antwerpen.